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You can now charge all your daily Apple devices 4X FASTER with one sleek, wireless charger, without the hassle of mangled cords. The 3-in-1 WIRELESS CHARGING STATION charging station will get your devices back to 100%, quickly, and efficiently.
INNOVATIVE: 4 in 1 Design keeps all your devices in one place, so you don't have to search in the morning.
SLEEK: Design gives all your devices enough room to charge in a stylish and compact design.
SIMULTANEOUS: Charging keeps all 3 of your devices ready to go.
SMART: Sensors automatically detect your device and show it's connected with LEDs.
Remember when you tried to charge all your devices at night and it ended up being a wiry mess? 3-in-1 WIRELESS CHARGING STATION eliminates these issues using fast and stylish charging. No more searching for the correct cord. Just drop it on and go!
Did we mention it's for ALL Apple Qi devices? Enjoy the convenience of WIRELESS CHARGING STATION for Apple Devices!

Supported devices for Apple include:
  • All Iphone 12 and 13 models With or without Magsafe case
  • 8, X, XS, XR, 11, 11 PRO with magnetic cases
  • Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Qi enabled generation of AirPods 2, and PRO
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Can I use your hair oil if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

We get this question a lot. Only your obstetrician can you tell you what's safe for you. Our product is vegan and natural but to be sure we recommend that you take a list of the ingredients found on the product page to your doctor.

What are the ingredients of Veganic Oil?

We use only 100% Natural Ingredients for Hair Growth, such as blend of green coffee, castor oil for hair growth, argan, coconut oil, and jojoba, enriched with sweet almond oil, and added benefits of rosemary hair oil, and vitamin E oil.

Does your hair oil work for men?

Yes! Men can absolutely use our growth oil and many men have had success with our oil.

Does your hair oil work on colored or processed hair?

Yes! Our hair oil works at the follicle level, so whether you've permed, processed, or color-treated your hair, you can still get great results

How do I apply your hair oil?

Take a few drops of hair oil and apply directly to the scalp. Use your fingers or scalp massager to work the oil into the scalp to disperse the oil. You can spot treat if you have a particular area of concern, or treat the entire scalp. Apply once daily to a clean scalp. If you use dry shampoo, or don't wash your hair daily, apply before adding dry shampoo or other products, and be sure that you do apply the oil when your scalp has been freshly cleaned.

I have sensitive skin. Is it OK for me to use your hair oil?

Our oils are natural, however, everyone is different, and some people are sensitive to some natural ingredients. If you are concerned about how your body will react to our oil, we recommend doing a spot test on your inner arm to check for sensitivity.

When can I expect to see results when using your hair oil?

Our hair oil take 1-2 months to show results when applied once daily. Consistency is key for success with our hair oil!

Will the hair oil work if I have dandruff?

Yes! The most important thing is to get the oil to your scalp, and to apply regularly. Applying on the cleanest scalp possible will get the best results, and here are some things that you can do to improve your results.

  • Apply the oil to a clean scalp, preferably after washing and towel (or blow!) drying.
  • Apply the oil at night so that the oil can work during your body's natural restorative process.
  • After
    applying the oil, massage it into your scalp with fingertips (not nails!) to increase circulation and improve penetration.